Managing Expectations

So you want flowers at your wedding, what do you do now!

My job as your floral designer is to not impose my personal floral style on you, but instead, to help you as a couple discover your own style.  Through the use of Inspiration Boards and our One on One consultations we will develope a wedding floral plan that beautifully reflects your style.  To get started on the journey, take a look at your first steps outlined below.

What you should already know.

Before calling to discuss wedding flowers you should already know :

  1. Number of bridesmaids and groomsmen
  2. Wedding attire colors
  3. Date, time and location of wedding ceremony and reception.
  4. Approximate size of guest list ( needed to determine the number of centerpieces)
Discover your Floral Style

Your first step in the discovery process is to start collecting inspirational pictures.  I suggest you create a Wedding Flowers Pinterest Board if you haven’t already.  Pin any pictures you find that reflect your dream wedding.  Concentrate on colors and styles, general ideas that we can build upon.  Bridal bouquets, reception flowers, bridesmaid dresses, anything that communicates the emotions you want to invoke.

Floral Budget

The two biggest factors contributing to your flower budget is the size of your wedding party and the number of tables at your reception.  If you have eight bridesmaids, your flower budget is going to be greater than if you have three! If you decide to use out of season and or exotic flowers it will be more expensive than local, seasonal products..  A creative couple and family can further control the flower budget by DIY-ing the church and or reception decorations.  I, however, recommend using a professional floral designer, like My Jersey Garden, for all bridal party flowers.

Rental Items

Rental items are available to help reduce the portion of your budget spent on hard goods.  Hard goods include items like tall pedestal vases, arbors ,and table mirrors..

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